Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wow... one sure can get busy taking care of two kiddos!
Juliet is now applied for the Katie Beckett program to get medicaid. I sure am hoping that she will qualify, because we've gotten some awesome medical bills. Lessee... One says 110,000. Another, 18,000. Another- 6,000 and yet another 14,000. I'm sure it's just the tip of the iceberg. I saw the 110,000 one and started laughing uncontrollably. It was 15 pages long, small font. 20% of that is still 22,000- so yeah, we definitely need medicaid or else we'll do our best paying $20 a month for the rest of our lives ;-)

We saw Dr. Groberg on Friday (thank you for the recommendation Nathan and Shanna Hardman!) and he was great. He was very informative and nice. We've had a lot of great professionals helping us out- the Infant and Toddler Program folks, the Idaho Falls Home Health and Hospice staff, the Speech Therapist, the staff at Praxair. Everyone has been very nice and informative who've been part of her home care.

Our family and church have been awesome too. The Perrys came over with some of the kids from church and pulled the weeds in our yard. It was such an immense relief, as our yard was looking simply AWFUL after being away in Utah all that time, and we'd never really gotten to spring cleanup since I was in prodromal labor for about a month before Juliet was born. They did SO much! It was such a blessing. The Perrys also brought us dinner last weekend since my hubby winds up helping me out with the kiddos all weekend instead of either of us cooking or getting much done. The Davenports brought us a HUGE lasagna dish last night along with salad and chips and strawberries YUM!
My mother-in-law has been coming over and helping out when Matt is at work, so I've got two helpers during the week- Konni and Nancy. Between the two of them I actually get to sleep in a little in the morning! Very useful after being up every hour all night ;-)

Konni helps entertain Joe, she loves to take him and play in the water in the back yard (though our pool has only just been re-setup since it got gross while we were gone), read to him and play with his toys with him.

Matt's mom helps straighten up and give me pointers on how to maintain things most efficiently and is a pro at helping out with bottle feeds and tube feeds. Between the two of them helping me I manage to spend time with Joseph pretty well so he doesn't feel like I've abandoned him for the "Beebee".

Joseph still has issues about her presence, he thinks I should come running if he cries just as I do for Juliet. He also is picking up other things she does like trying to suck on my arm or shoulder, climbing into her bassinet when it's on the floor.... We try to get him to be a 'helper' and tell him all the time that he's a great big brother (especially when he gives her kisses!) but it will take time for him to adjust.

We've got our visit in SLC on Wednesday. My mom may be able to come over on Monday to help out- but she's got a whole lot to do to get ready for a trip that she and Dad are going on. Boy do they need some time together! She was with me for all that time Juliet was in the hospital and Dad had to work. I'm glad they get time together.

Juliet's crying! Gotta go!

*edit* Weird... It read "m0ther" as a curse word and censored it! I know in some relationships "m0ther in law" is the same thing as a curse word, but not to me!

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