Wednesday, December 17, 2008

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New site!

Posted a few seconds ago

I have started a blog at

I will post random updates there, possibly pictures at times.
I will post urgent updates here, so that everyone gets an email if something happens and we need immediate prayer.

So far things have been amazingly smooth sailing! Juliet is growing soooo fast! She's learning how to sit up on her own, and enjoying playing with toys. She's particularly fascinated with a big fuzzy cartoon character thing we have that makes strange noises and dances.

The funny thing is, Joe is scared to DEATH of the thing. Cries when he sees it, screams, etc. Juliet ADORES it. She hugs it and slaps at it and giggles madly. One of our cats wants to eat it. Yes. Eat it.

I will probably be able to post some video to our blog of the various interactions with the crazy purple creature.

Also, serious prayer request.

Two of our dearest friends had their son on the 11th. He passed away a few hours later, and it was totally unexpected. He was a healthy boy, and circumstances surrounding his birth resulted in his being deprived of oxygen, and there was nothing the doctors could do. Please pray for the family of little Joshua David and for continued strength for them. Please also pray for his beautiful mamma as she heals from surgery. His memorial service is coming up soon too, so please pray for extra strength for them on Monday.


Nancy said...

Cool site. :-)
I'll be checking for pictures!
I'm so sorry about your friend's baby - and will be praying.
Love, Grandma Nancy

Dave said...

Dave Slatosky
Where is your family based? Do you know if it was made up?

Amber Slatosky said...

Well, as far as I know it was 'sort of' made up. It was longer Szlatkovsky or something like that, and then was shortened when my husband's relatives crossed the pond.

They settled into Pennsylvania and there are some now in other states.

Anonymous said...

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