Thursday, December 11, 2008

Last night was good. Juliet was held by her Nana and Pop-pop and we took pictures. Some of them are in the gallery. I am quite sure my mom was beyond elated to finally get to hold her grandbaby girl.

When I had skin to skin again she was not happy. She wanted to suckle very badly, but it's not permitted until after the surgery because the bloodflow to her intestines is not the way it should be from the defect and eating food can cause catastrophic bowel failure. It is so hard to see her want to eat so very badly and be unable to help.

I am pumping quite a bit of milk for her, and when she can eat there will be plenty to give her.

This morning she is doing well, very calm and unagitated. I am about to hold her for a while after giving my mom and my hubby plenty of time this day.

Surgery is still scheduled for Monday, but they are saying 8:30 am.

Kristen (who left a message on the message board) came by to speak with me. I really appreciated the chance to hear her son's story and know how well things are going with her little cutie. It gives me hope to know that he is healthy and his heart is strong, because that means my daughter could have the same outcome.
Thank you again Kristen for stopping by, and I'll be giving you a call to let you know how the surgery went.

I'll no doubt post a bunch of nervous posts on Monday before the surgery is over, but I plan to try somehow to sleep, because if I sleep, then when I wake up it's all over. Maybe it's a bit cowardly, but it may be the only way I'll be able to cope. Probably moot as I will have my mind racing so much...

My hubby seems to be holding up well, he's such a pillar of strength and I'm constantly amazed that God would give me such a gift as he is. In the midst of this I have no number to put to all the blessings in my life. Yes, this defect is horrible, but I know even more what I am bless to have in friends and family, in my husband, in my parents who have been here for us in such a huge way, in my hubby's parents who are doing so much as well, and for my Joseph who they are watching- he makes me laugh and takes my mind off of things with his cheer... Especially for our daughter, because no matter what happens she is such a wonderful blessing to have whether we have her for a week or for a very long life.

We're keeping our spirits up, and we have a lot of hope. We trust God in the skills he's given the doctors and we know that no matter what happens He's done so much to keep her with us and strong. Keep the prayers up for us, we thank you so much for the prayers and the love you are pouring out for us!

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