Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another eventful day!
Her drainage tubes were removed, and she's down to one IV line, her pacing wires, her feeding tube, and her nasal cannula.

We've also moved out of the ICU!

We are in room 3087 and the number to reach here is 801-662-3087

We're up to visitors (so long as you are sure you're not sick) and it's a lot more quiet and comfortable here.

The one downer: Juliet is not doing well when she's on room-air only. Her O2 sat drops whenever they lower her oxygen, so we are hoping she'll learn to breathe more deeply without it.

The NP said that they'd probably do the swallow study on her on Monday, since it's too soon since her respirator was removed to do one today. Once they determine that her swallow reflex is working we can continue trying to get her ready to be home.

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