Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wow... so I thought I'd posted updates, but apparently I forgot to hit the 'post' button the second time. :-/

Ok, so Juliet went into surgery at 8:30am this morning. At around 9:30 or ten they informed us that they had just started surgery and were switching her onto the heart-lung machine. A while later the PN came back and informed us that she'd been operated on for her septum defects, and they were beginning the arterial switch. The latest news is that they are finishing up the arterial switch and she should be off the bypass soon, and then they will watch her for an hour for any problems. Then it will take another hour to set her up in the intensive care unit.

From this morning: The surgeon came by and talked about possible risks. First was death, he said relatively small risk. Then there's the risk of bleeds and arrhythmia. Those are risks simply of open heart surgery. Then there's the risk associated with THIS type of surgery for stenosis, or narrowing, of the coronary arteries. The coronaries must be perfectly lined up or they may not grow properly and would have to be widened later.
Also there is a larger risk (about 25%) for a problem with the septal defect. The septum can grow in such a way as to partially block the valve and cause problems. This is either recognized right away or much later.

Well, I guess that is all for now. I will post again when they say that she is off bypass and doing well. This is the most nerve-wracking time for me, because any problems are revealed when the bypass is removed and they see how things are functioning.

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