Tuesday, April 28, 2009


On Sunday, April 19th my Great-Grandma Susie passed away.

She was an amazing woman and the sort of woman I hope to be as I grow older.

I wish I could have brought my children to see her, but I know she enjoyed pictures of us. She was a prayer warrior, and I know that she absolutely RAN into Jesus' arms when she went home. She was not fearful of death, and knew that when her time came she'd be in the best place she could possibly be. Here's to you Gramma Susie!

Monday, April 27, 2009

New Video!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Crazy week...


My kiddos had quite a bit of socializing this week.

Last Sunday Juliet learned that Oreos are yummy.
On Monday she learned they are not as much fun once your body is through with them.

On Tuesday we went to a bible study with Alese, and took the dogs for a short walk afterwards. Peanut attempted to strangle herself, which resulted in our now knowing that she and truck beds do not mix. She's ok, but it was a bit scary.

Momma came by and took us to JC Penney.
She bought Juliet a beautiful dress for Easter, and a cute suit for Joseph.

On Tuesday night we went to another bible study for the young married folks at our church. This is what Juliet wore:

She proceeded to look cute while attempting to electrocute herself with an electrical outlet. I pulled her away about 20 times before she got the idea that I did not want her to play with it.

My dad needed to have a procedure done in an attempt to help relieve some of his chronic neck pain. We visited with him and mom at Mountain View while he was waiting.
(Please don't be upset that I posted this, Mum, I love the pic! You are so beautiful!)

On Wednesday our church's Mom & Me group had an Easter egg hunt for all the young'uns. There was much fun, and much delicious food!
On Wednesday night we enjoyed Passover dinner (Seder) with our church. It was a very neat thing to learn about all of the aspects of the meal with the fulfillment of Christ. The lady who coordinated it did an awesome job, despite a larger turnout than expected.

Today we joined a couple of other moms and their kiddos to color eggs, and hopefully tomorrow we get to do it again with my mom!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Please pray for Veiyah Karg as her doctors seek a diagnosis to what could be an issue with her brain. Pray that if there is something, that it is fixable or even something that just needs time. Please also pray for her to recover from illness and be able to go back home.

Please pray for Stellan and his fight with SVT.

I found a neat update on a blog I follow that included the following video