Thursday, December 11, 2008

Juliet continues to do well. She now has a feeding tube (as of an hour ago) and has been taken off of nitrogycerine and dopamine. She's also been taken off of the paralytic and is only a little sedated. She expressed her extreme displeasure with getting her feeding tube inserted, even though they'd given her quite a bit of morphine to make sure it wasn't painful. She attempts to open her eyes when I come close, but the swelling around her eyes makes it difficult and she gives up after a few tries. She gripped my finger pretty hard when I was comforting her while they were putting in the tube.

Right now she is sleeping, and that is what she does most of the time. Her chest is still closed, as her swelling has not been too bad at all. I got to see an x-ray they took to see the positioning of the tube. It's crazy to see all those different leads they have going into her body. We could see the drainage tubes and pacing wires, other wires that take readings...

I'm working on an origami electra for her pod. It's a geometric sphere and I'll be coloring each module by hand. It will be a nice little stimulating thing for her to look at when we are not here.

Again, thank you for all the words of support and all the prayers. God is watching over her and we have a great deal of hope from how well she's doing.

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