Thursday, December 11, 2008

Posted Aug 29, 2008 12:07pm

Life has been pretty good, as far as Juliet is concerned. She is blossoming into a beautiful, healthy BIG baby ;-)

I have updated a couple of new pictures that we took- her first bath and some of our 'professional' pictures that we took in our basement and I edited in Photoshop.

Our breastfeeding relationship is absolutely excellent! She gained a pound in a week, and she has been eating very well. She actually prefers to breastfeed over bottlefeeding. Her speech therapist was very happy with her progress. Her pediatrician is also amazed at her progress- whenever we see him he puts his hands on his hips, looks at her, shakes his head and says "Amazing. She just looks so great!"

Our son, Joseph is loving her very much. He's always trying to soothe her if she's upset or wanting to hold her (only if we put her in his lap, monitored). Occasionally he does things he shouldn't, like trying to rock her in her swing faster than it's meant to go. She tends to either want to be held or be in her swing- all totally normal. We do try to hold her as much as we can, but it's hard to cook even if she's in a sling.

One of our cats, Star, has taken a liking to her. She likes to curl up next to us, touching both of us, when I pull Juliet into bed in the morning. She tends to linger wherever Juliet is, but never 'too close'.

For Matt and myself life has been chaotic. I am starting to settle into a routine each day, but something always disturbs it. The other day Matt's battery in his car died while he was out shopping. I had to pile the kiddos in the car really fast to get over there and help him out. Of course we'll have to buy a new battery- which in a Mazda is pretty pricey. Think: Our grocery budget.

Then, yesterday, the sink stopped draining and the dishwasher won't drain. I'm having to wash dishes in the tub, or one at a time very slowly in the sink (it drains monumentally slow). We may have to get disposable dishes until we can figure out what to do. My poor hubby is so stressed out by it all, and feels like we're just having one bad thing happen after another. I guess I see it differently... I mean look at Juliet! It's horrible what has happened with her- but she's doing SO well! And the battery- at least it didn't happen in Pocatello or something! ...the sink... well that pretty much sucks, but we'll figure it out.

Joseph is going to go up and hang out with his Gramom and Grampop for a few days. It'll be nice for us because it will be easier to catch up on a few things, and easier on him because he'll get more outdoors time. When I told him this morning that they are coming and he's going to get to hang out with them for a few days- he was super-excited. He was practically jumping up and down! Hehe... I'm sure he's probably been rather bored with all of his 'unstructured free time'.

Well, that's all I have for now. OH! Another good thing! I'm getting more sleep! Juliet doesn't wake up as frequently in the night anymore. In fact, it's pretty predictable. Usually she goes to sleep around 11-12 and wakes up to eat at 4-4:30. She eats and falls right back asleep. Then at about 6:30-7 she wakes up again. We both doze off a little in the bed and wake up at 9am for good. It's working out well for both of us- and Matt doesn't have to get up in the night anymore to help me, or get up because of her crying. She pretty much falls right back asleep and he snores through the whole feeding. Yay!

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