Monday, October 25, 2010

Sorry I have not updated in a long time, I have been quite busy with school. All are well, except I ask for prayers for my mother, for healing. I do not wish to go into details on a public blog, but if you wish to know details you may contact me privately. Simply pray for this: For her to have an easing of pain, for her to have full and complete recovery and for peace and strength.

The kids are doing great, Joe is in Preschool and enjoying it greatly, and can make it most of the way through his ABC's, though doesn't recognize all the letters when he sees them. Juliet is a very active and intelligent girl who astounds me each day with new concepts, but is very bullheaded and demanding. They are both shining stars in my life, and I love watching them develop into who they are. Juliet and Joe are both in love with dragons that are handmade by their Great-Aunt Simone and given to them by her and their second cousins. They like to snuggle up with them and watch How To Train Your Dragon. My hubby and I are working hard, me with school and home, and him with all the stress and strain of work.

We enjoyed a day at ISU for the Science and Engineering Fair. The kids were a bit young for it, but I could tell they definitely had fun and learned a lot. We also watched the Chemistry Dept's Chemistry Magic Show. Mixed results with the kids, fascination mixed with fear (mostly Jules was afraid of flaming balloons, but totally fine with other explosions). Flaming Gummy Bears, also fun!

I have a Biology 101 exam tomorrow, and have to get back to studying, so there is my brief update!!

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