Sunday, February 6, 2011

I again start with an apology for not posting for so long!

In my last post I mentioned concerns for my mother. She was able to have her issue mostly taken care of. She will need to be seen by doctors for the specific issue at certain time intervals, but she is out of immediate danger. She does still have unrelated pain, which could use prayers- and still peace and strength.

We are doing well here. Joey is enjoying preschool, and Jules is as well. I travel for classes some days of the week, so we have had to choose a daycare (and preschool) and it's worked out wonderfully. The kids are both excited to go there, and excited to come home. I am hoping to avoid having them in daycare more than 3 days a week, but we will see where classes lead.

Juliet is doing wonderfully with her health. She is a hyper little girl, and she is also a snuggler. It's nice to watch the kiddos run around and wrestle.

Classes are going well. I have Biology 102, Applied Calculus and English 102. Next semester I'm trying for Chem 111, ecology, speech and maybe statistics.

Matt is working as usual, and enjoying some video games. He's been trying out the Rift beta and Black Ops. I am still playing WoW and enjoying it!

We've also still been enjoying cooking delicious food, such as the flat iron steak Matt cooked the night before last. YUM!

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