Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Well... Our hard drive crashed and all the pictures saved to the computer and not online are lost. This really upsets me, and goes to show that procrastination is BAD.
Points of interest in our lives lately:
*Jules is scheduled for a sedated echo in the first week of March.
*Joe and Jules make a terribly devious duo when they work together to cause mischief.
*We had a fantastic stay in Island Park for Thanksgiving.
Mom and Dad Slatosky- They invited us up for T-day.
My Mom and Dad. It was hard to not have Grandma there. It was our first Thanksgiving without her.
Matt and I.
The Kiddos.

*Pray for my Mom and Dad as they make a transition in their life- and that my dad's interview goes well.
*Pray for safe travels for Matt's Mom and Dad as they travel to NZ for their 'winter' fun. :-)
*Pray for me to lose weight. I'll do my end, and I ask your prayers for the other end. I'm on Metformin now, as I have insulin resistance. I'm working on adjusting the sugar intake in my diet (though it's already a lot lower than the average American's) and am trying to get back into working out. The medicine has made me feel very weak, but I am feeling like I'm recovering from the dosage adjustment.
*Pray as always for Juliet's continued good health, and for Joseph to have fewer (painful) rashes.
*Pray for us as we go into our first Christmas without Grandma.

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Luna said...

*reads* will do
is kinda curious what mischief the kiddos get into.
and the titles of your last 2 entries are noises hehe