Monday, October 19, 2009


It seems I always get side tracked when I am determined to update our blog more frequently. In recent news:

*Juliet is doing great! If she's caught the H1N1 virus she shows no signs of it. We know it's been going around in the area, and we've been exposed to it. Either we have not picked it up, or we're rockin' our immune systems.

*Matt has been busy busy busy with work! He's got a lotta deadlines and such this month, so pray for his sanity please!

*We're going to a Halloween party hosted by the HDBA, and an old friend might join us with some of her new friends. Fun fun! Our kiddos may be in the care of my parents if they are feeling better-

*Please pray for my parents, as my dad recovers from neck surgery and my mom is suffering from mysterious sinus symptoms. Her sinuses are causing her a great deal of pain, and the doctors aren't really helping much.

*Joe is up in Island Park until tomorrow! He's having great fun with his Granmom and Granpap (Matt's parents). Hopefully when he gets back we can introduce new forms of discipline to try to get his behavior on track.

*I'm going back to school! I've decided for sure that I am going to major in biology. Once I get my bachelor's I'll go through an accelerated education course to teach secondary education. This was my original goal when I was in high school, and not much has changed in nine years as far as what I think I'd be good at.

At some point soon I plan to finish my previous series of pictures from our trip this summer. After that I shall no doubt have other pictures I can post from Halloween and such.

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Joye said...

Hi! I saw your comment on my blog; thanks for that! Your kiddos are cute :)