Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Take a picture, it will last longer.

As I go through things which have come from my parents' house (as there were things which I had never taken with me when I moved out) I find things which hold nostalgic value but I know I will never wear again. I shall post them here and to facebook to preserve their personal value and to tell stories.
The above shirt was one I got for attending a conference for Texas Association of Future Educators. Somewhere I have the speech I delivered for TAFE which was very well rated by the scorers, but did not win (the one that did win was a direct plagiarism of a story from Chicken Soup for the Soul). I find to this day that I still want to be a teacher- hence my return to school next semester.

Morris the Cat. I loved this shirt. It was a sort of evolution of my love for kitties and my willingness to wear them on my person. Now I am far more likely to wear something with a simple vaguely-feline shape on it. Nor do I have many kitty decorations in my home. We do have two living, breathing ones that decorate our furniture most of the time.

When I was in High School I was engaged to a nice guy named Robin. He was going to Mississippi State and wanted me to go there too. This was a shirt from the Wesley foundation there. Thankfully, I went to UofH, and then events conspired to place me with my darling husband. Robin is married as well, and last I heard was doing well :-)

My friends and I were 'into' Sailor Moon in high school. I was Serena (middle) and Steph was Luna (purple kitty at bottom) and Lisa was Raye (Upper left). The other folks were a bit variable. You know how high school friendships are, odd and complex. Fun times, Fun times.

Ok... well there were a few more shirts (over at my facebook page) which have other stories, but these were the main ones.


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eeew? at the other comment
and on another note "meow"

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