Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Major update continued [The Incident with the Bird]

such a beautiful place. We very much enjoyed our stay there. We walked along the beach at night, we went to shops, we had barbeque burgers, we ate at some very nice restaurants.
We played in the waves with family.

We took the kids to a playground by the public beach.

And then there was an incident with a seagull. We were enjoying some breakfast on the balcony when I (stupidly) fed the birds some food. One of the little buggers became VERY BOLD.

He even took some food right from my fingers, and I was not expecting it, so I got a little pinch. No blood or anything.

But we got some seriously cool pics.


Julie-belle snuggling her kitty.

One night several of us went to the beach and the kids played in the room. When we got back they were passed out.

And my poor daddy scraped his foot badly on the shore when he was tumbled by a wave. The waves were pretty intense, and this got pretty badly infected. Thankfully our next stop was seeing my Aunt and Uncle in Placerville. My Aunt is an MD, so she was able to help. More on that tomorrow (or Friday).

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