Friday, June 12, 2009


First: Happy [early] Birthday to my DADDY! His birthday is tomorrow and I am ever so proud of my dad.

He rocks.
That is him, tired and weary at the hospital holding his grand-daughter as she was kept alive before her surgery.

He rocks.

In other birthday news! The kiddos are having a birthday party together:

I am so proud of that invitation, you have no idea.

I made it entirely from pictures and digital scans of scrap paper and ribbons. The blotted out portions tell you that if you want to come you can comment and I'll give you details in some way that is not quite so public.

**also: my twitter feed appears terribly broken. If you have any idea why, please comment! Much appreciated**

** Also, redux: *facepalm* I cannot believe I made a mistake like that on the date. If only I'd noticed BEFORE I had them printed. I will have to decide if the mistake is worth the $4 to have them reprinted. That should read Thursday, July 2nd 2009


Dave said...

hi, I was searching my last name and got your blog. My last name was made up. Every person i have run into said that the family had made thiers up also. We are decendents of Rose Slatosky and Felix. The original name is Szlachtowsky.

Amber Slatosky said...

yeah, ours was too, but it came from Szlatkovsky (if I remember correctly). My husbands relatives were in the West Newton,PA area when they emigrated.

FunSize said...

Hi I'm Julie Dailson the great-great grand daughter to Felix and Rose Slatosky!! Dave id love to learn about our family tree! My email is had Albert...who had Ronald...who had me :) I'd love to speak :)

Slatsette said...

I am passing this along to my hubby, who can ask his folks :)

Slatsette said...
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